Construction Asset Management

Efficient management of mobile construction assets, such as service and delivery trucks, equipment hauling trucks, concrete pumps and especially truck mixers, enables construction companies to lower costs, increase information availability and improve customer service.


Construction sites offer a challenging environment for tracking equipment and materials. Multiple contractors work together while independently operating all sorts of large machinery and smaller tools on sites that are physically changing all the time. Misuse and theft can be real problem.

At some point construction projects may require using your vehicles and assets in remote regions and our GPS asset tracking solution will allow you to be in constant touch with your vehicles. The main advantage of our all-in-one GPS asset tracking system is that it uses satellite signals and cellular networks for data transferring that allow to perform construction asset management from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

RFID systems maybe used to track high value heavy machinery or vehicles use through on board readers reading and recording the ID badge of the operator. If there are any performance issue a complete maintenance history can be pulled up on the spot while use history can be analyzed to provide maximum asset allocation.

RFID may be used to track use of smaller tools on site as well. Reusable bins or totes are tagged and filled with tagged tools. Using a handheld supervisors or project managers can conduct inventory quickly of all items to ensure the tools are put back in each bin before a shift ends. An RFID handheld reader offers the benefit of being able to be used on sites where there is limited or no power.