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Intelligent tracking technologies include global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), wireless telecommunications and radio frequency identification (RFID). Today these technologies are both intelligent and integrated.


Perhaps more than any other technology, intelligent tracking has the potential to contribute to improvements in manufacturing and to the entire supply chain from orders of raw materials and sub-assemblies through product assembly, testing and distribution. Intelligent tracking technologies offer opportunities for increased efficiencies and improved Customer service. Intelligent tracking implies that the information is gathered automatically and improves a system by reducing the time needed between value-added steps and thus improves efficiency and cycle time. Devices not only collect their own data, but they also are capable of analyzing it and performing necessary actions to a process autonomously.

For example, suppose an RFID reader is integrated with a computer attached to a wireless telecommunications device. The result is a capability to read a tag attached to a truck on a toll road and automatically bill the carriers account. If the truck is also outfitted with GPS, then positional information may be transmitted.