FMCG Services

Tracking Innovations designs, manufactures, and distributes active RFID solutions which deliver true end-to-end, in-transit freight visibility, regardless of the carrier. It is composed of a covert master unit and active RFID tags which utilizes a Global Position System (GPS) receiver, Wi-Fi transceiver, GSM cellular transceiver, Iridium satellite transceiver, and cutting-edge hardware and software for real-time performance and maximum security. The system provides vital information to accelerate in capability, efficiency, and security of high visibility to important assets advancing through vital and dynamic supply chains. Ultimately, consumers and end-users benefit, because their goods are delivered on time, and communication processes are much more transparent and predictable.


Supply chains are the core of many companies today. As businesses grow and logistics networks expand, supply chains become more complex. Productive supply chains transport goods to the correct location without delay. Furthermore, effective supply chains provide actionable information to endorse security, visibility, and accuracy. Businesses transporting high value commodities demand increased precautions.

Therefore, it is critical that assets are monitored from departure through the supply chains to the arrival location. If there is visibility throughout the entire supply chain, most shipping challenges can be prevented or diminished. Having visibility also allows better communication and control of the supply chain. Tracking Innovations designed a device for the logistics industry which employs a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology that creates a state of the art tracking system. This patented structure is known as the Real Time Tracking System (RTTS).

The Real Time Tracking System utilizes advanced technological components including GPS, Wi-Fi, Iridium Satellite, and other cellular technologies which create a supply chain solution. Furthermore, the Real Time Tracking System uses robust software and leading-edge hardware which integrates together to enable unparalleled visibility and control. The Real Time Tracking System acts as a tracking solution and additionally monitors temperature, humidity, and/or shock and vibration.