Personal Fleet Services

MFS's personal vehicle tracking provides security for your car and family. No larger than an iphone, it can sit in a glove box, dash board or securely in the boot. MFS works by using satellites to track position and data transmission through GPRS/GSM. You can then instantly view your car's position anytime on your computer, mobile phone or PDA . The device will also send you a text message if your car moves outside a pre-determined geographical area(geo-fence). Our solution can instantly track stolen cars, or to keep an eye on your car's whereabouts at all times.

Advanced Features

  • View your cars location instantly on your computer or mobile phone
  • Secure website with a user friendly interface and visual maps to view your cars location
  • Geo-fence to alert you when vehicel moves out of fence
  • Discreet size so can be placed secretly in any location of your car
  • Immobilization to switch off power
  • Order a Bubble today for complete peace of mind