Fleet Management and Tracking for Public Transport

Times are tough for municipalities and public sector managers. You need every advantage you can get, and budgets are tight. That's where MFS's GPS comes in, with fleet management systems that recoup their cost very quickly while giving you the tools you need to better manage your vehicles.


Our Premier Services for Bus Companies include

  • Route Management
    Fast and accurate route building.
    Easy route - trip mapping.
    Ability to compare multiple "what-if" routing scenarios.
    Routing & Planning exports planned routes into onscreen for planned versus actual comparison. Streets and routes can be imported into Routing & Planning from onscreen for GPS-accurate map updates and route building.
    Share user defined data from Routing & Planning on the web, giving district staff or even parents the ability to look up route information.
  • Trip Planning
    Streamlines all aspects of a field trip for significant time savings.
    Scalable to any size of bus depots and number of trips.
    Automatic e-mail/sms notifications to keep everyone in the loop.
    Accommodates most any bus depot's policies for trip assignments.
  • Vehicle, Driver Management
    Driver Info Management.
    Vehicle Info Management.
  • Complete Fleet Management
    Fleet Management.
    Tire Management.
    Fuel Management.
    Inventory Management.
    Customer Management.
    Vendor Management.
    Employee Management.
    Store Room Management.
    Payments & Billing.
  • Monitoring & Alerts
    Speeding Alert.
    Idling Alert.
    Geo-fence Alert.
    Motion Alert. PTO (Paid Time Off) Activation Alert.
    Analog Sensor Alert.
    Tampering Alert.