Trucking Companies

The trucking segment in India is witnessing interesting trends, while the M&HCV segment is witnessing steady increase in share of heavy duty, long haulage trucks owing improvement in road and highway infrastructure, the LCV goods segment is seeing increasing share of sub 1T segment with the emergence of the hub-n-spoke model and increasing demand for last mile connectivity. As shown along side, higher tonnage trucks (16T+) offer higher profitability (benefits of operating leverage) as operating costs (besides fuel) are similar to lower tonnage vehicles. Besides improving highway infrastructure, the trend towards higher tonnage trucks has also been supported by the introduction of newer, advanced platforms/vehicles by both incumbents as well as foreign OEMs.

Despite of the above fact, trucking industry in India still remains very fragmented, unorganised and not positioned to leverage the fresh opportunities. In such a scenario, distinctive use of IT tools are extending the lead to the betterment of the trucking industry in India

Highlights of MY Truck Services for Trucking Companies

Advanced Features

  • Exchange Platform: MTS is logistics online exchange platform where the key players can exchange their business transactions. More than a mere platform, MTS provides complete Fleet Management, Live Monitoring and ERP solution. As an Exchange platform, the user can post a truck, search for load availability, find matched loads etc.
  • Monitoring of Fleet: The user can can monitor their fleet 24/7. The GPS Tracking will help you to locate your vehicle on the map of our applcation. You wil get alerts when the vehicle moves out of a pre-defined geofence or entering a pre-defined yard.
  • Complete Fleet Management Solution:
  • Business Process Dashboards:
  • Route Management and Trip Planning:
  • Monitoring Trucks on transit and trucks on wait:
  • Traffic updates and alerts for better decison making:
  • Personalized Alerts and Initiatives:
  • News and Events:
  • Advanced Analysis: Analyze information in real-time and perform root cause analysis
  • Busines Circles forEnhanced Collaboration: Collaborative initiatives and business forms capabilities

Cloud Platform

  • TASK is a cloud based web platform. The user doesn't require heavy infrastructures like Servers
  • Seamless end user experience
  • Centralized administration module. Multiple user and role previlages
  • Can be integrated to any other applications

Ease of deployment and maintenance

  • Functional content can be created and deployed quickly through pre-built interfaces
  • User maintenance and control through centralized admin module and self-service capabilities
  • Availability of upgrades and patches

Ease of implementation

  • Pre-defined logical and physical architecture
  • Pre-built install-and-deployment scripts
  • Accelerators for integration with standard transaction systems
  • Prototype-driven requirements
  • Configurable user interface customizations Pre-built data model and Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (MOLAP) (aggregated/ semantic) layer Pre-built metrics, Key Performance Indicators, dashboards and reports